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The Toy Steam Engine Museum
Of Chesterfield

Mamod Steam Engines.

"I made 576 engines in that year [1936] They were the worst I ever made"
I love this quotation from Geoffrey Malins the founder of Mamod
In which he is describing the steam engines he made for Hobbies of Dereham.

They may me the worst he ever made, but they are now the
Rarest and most desirable of all
In the photograph above you will see one of the engines
Which Geoffrey Malins made, the Hobbies SE3
And on the Mamod 1 page you will see another of Geoffrey's creations
The Hobbies SE4 both date to 1937

Toy steam engines are my hobby and my passion
And through this little bit of web space
I want to share them with you, each and every one
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